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An online presence is a must for every business that has a website. You may have good websites with best deals in the city, but if you do not go online you lose visibility to your customers. Keep in mind, 95% of the customers are online grabbing information by doing researches, finding their best suitable needs, comparing products, etc. Going online doesn’t only make your brand visible but also makes a virtual relationship with your customers.

When it comes to online advertising, marketers face huge competition. Every business wants to achieve faster growth by increasing their brand value but do not wish to invest more money that would be out of their budget. Thus, businesses may get benefited by this PPC model of online advertising.

What Is PPC Advertising Service?

A Google AdWords terminology, Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant internet advertising model used to get interested visitors for your websites. PPC is an in-organic form of advertising. This model works as specified in the name, Pay Per Click Management. The advertiser needs to pay a sum of money to the owner of the particular website where he/she decides to advertise their products. The advertisers have to pay only when they get clicks to the ads.

PPC ads may be seen in the top, and right hand side in any regular Google search. These may be in yellow colored box where separated with a line. These ads are only seen when there is actual matching of keywords as specified by the advertisers. Currently, Google AdWords is most dominating in the internet for displaying PPC ads since 13 years i.e. started in October 2000. These campaigns reach over 80% of its global internet users

How does ppc work?

Taking Google AdWords into consideration, advertisers need to bid for their ads. The highest amount of bidding is taken into consideration by Google. Then, Google rating the advertisements based on their uniqueness, CTR (Click Through Rate), content, URL, keywords, landing page, creativity of websites, product offerings & conversion rate etc. this rating is termed as Ad Rank. The most rated ones are kept first and these are shown in the first page of a normal Google search. Thus, the overall process works through Ad bidding. If you find other advertisers competing with price, then it may be increased as per requirement for better brand visibility. The Ad Rank can be found by this simple formula:

Maximum Bid x Quality Score = Ad Rank

Mostly, Google AdWords encourages a high Click Through Rate (CTR) which reduces the cost of single click. It means, more the click is less is the cost per click that advertisers pay Google. We are one of a Google Certified company providing Pay Per Click Management Services that makes your brand visible worldwide.
The growth of the AdWords campaign can be analyzed with Google Analytics which shows full detailed progress and clicks made by the users.
Marketers believe that, their businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on Google AdWords. Most of the consumers prefer display ads which has an average of 155% more likely to search for brand specific terms.